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Tranquil Mountain Lake Oil Painting. 16x20 inch, original oil painting on framed, stretched canvas.

Serene setting of a tranquil mountain lake where one can relax and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings without the noise and distractions of everyday life.

There are various shades of hand mixed artist oils which ad to its richness and depth.

Nice calm, relaxing painting. Many layers that add more depth. This is the one of a kind actual hand painted physical painting. 19" x 23".

Professionally framed and mounted to Archival/Gallery Quality Materials:-Professional artist oil paints-Triple gessoed to help paint bind to canvas and prevent peeling and cracking and add longevity-Stretched canvas-varnish designed to protect the painting and at to the overall appearance-Signed-Certificate of Authenticity include with Buyer and artist details

Tranquil Mountain Lake Oil Painting

SKU: 0015
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