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Pamela Jonson




In store viewings available by appointment only.

Pamela Jonson is a self taught artist who has been creating for most of her life.

Now residing in Airdrie, Alberta with her husband. 

She is passionate about every aspect of the creative process, from deciding on an subject, to drawing it, choosing materials and finally the actual painting process. Favorite mediums are acrylics, oils and epoxy resin. While mainly creating landscapes she also paints a variety of other subjects including abstracts, acrylic pours, charcuterie boards and ceramic coasters.

All Pamela's paintings are created using only professional quality materials in her licensed, permit holding in-home art studio. Also available - jewelry, home décor and art classes.



Just a little note about how my creations are finished off after the painting and varnishing has been completed.
All my paintings are archival and are backed with archival dust covers to protect them from the elements.

Plastic feet are applied to bottom corners of paintings to protect your walls from scratching and to keep the painting from moving.
Hanging hardware is installed, either anchor's and wire or sawtooth,

depending on the weight and size of the artwork.


Charcuterie Boards .

What makes our charcuterie boards stand out from the rest? When you buy from be you can be ensured you're purchasing a premium quality charcuterie board. All my charcuterie boards are created on organic, sustainable, food safe, antibacterial woods. I take extra steps so you can be assured of the finest quality board that is long lasting and durable. All made right here in Airdrie, Alberta. Designs extend to and cover sides for a beautiful view from all angles. Boards are sanded prior to decorating. Backs are taped off so you are left with a nice clean finish on the back and to make sure there are no sharp edges on the reverse side. Embellished area is taped off and sealed prior to adding resin and embellishments to ensure proper finish and adhesion. Certified food safe (Artresin brand) epoxy resin and embellishments added and board is covered for 24 hour cure. After resin has cured the exposed wood areas are sanded front and back to remove any imperfections that may have occurred during creating. Food safe oil is applied and allowed to soak in for 2 hours. Food safe wax is applied and allowed to soak in for 2 hours. Entire board is then hand rubbed to attain a nice smooth polished finish. Check out my website for a wide selection of colours, sizes and designs made in my licensed and insured Airdrie, Alberta art studio Image Paintings Plus. Online shopping or in studio shopping by appointment. Shipping and curbside pick up options available at checkout. 

Tile Coasters are primed, painted and finished with a thick poured on coating of Artresin food safe epoxy resin and are painted and signed on backs. I use plastic feet on the backs of the coasters to protect your furniture. I don't use felt on the backs of my coasters simply because if there is a spill, felt would absorb the moisture and could cause damage to your furniture.

I want all my customers to be happy with their creations so I take these extra few steps to ensure quality throughout all my products.

New, Resin Wine butlers and resin coasters made in silicone molds using Artresin certified food safe epoxy resin. Resin tints and a variety of gems, crystals, glass and more are added to achieve desired results. We use only premium quality products in all our items.


I am often asked by beginners, how I create items and the materials I prefer.  

I have developed and formatted Beginner instructional classes that include preparation of surfaces, material descriptions, process and safety.

All my Classes are hands on, step by step instruction for the adult student, who goes home with artwork they have created and the skills to recreate on their own.

Licensed and insured professional instruction in my Airdrie home based business


New. Now selling handmade Wood and Resin Charcuterie Boards in studio and online.

In studio viewings by appointment only.

For Questions or more information please email


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