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Frequently asked questions

Is all your artwork created by you?

Yes. Everything on my site is created by me. I do not sell other artists work.

How do I know if your work is created with professional Materials?

There is a list of materials in the items description box for each item.Some items have added descriptions as well. This helps to inform customers of the reasons for using certain materials and how they are maufactured.

How will I know if an item is Archival Quality

If an item is Archival that means every material used from the canvas up is of archival quality. If an item is Archival Quality this will be listed with the individual item. For me it is important that a customer loves the creation they've purchased and are able to pass to down for many generations to enjoy. I've done extensive study on what makes a piece of art gallery/archival quality. Not only is the beauty of the creation taken into consideration but also the quality of the materials used that add longevity, reduce fading and the ability to clean and repair. Nothings worse than having a peice from your art collection start cracking, peeling or fading due to substandard materials or shortcuts in the creation process

Do I have to invest a lot of money to start an art collection?

Absolutley not. I offer quality items in a wide range of prices, from beginner to seasoned collector. Check out the clearance section. These are not damaged or inferior items. Sometimes my inventory just needs to find a home so I can make room for new creations.

What if I want to get my painting appraised for insurance purposes or for resale?

Any paintings over $200 come with a certificate of authenticity with the paintings name, dimensions, medium used (i.e. oil/acrylic), date of purchase, purchase price, artists full name, buyers full name and the artist signature. If you require more information you can contact me anytime imagepaintingsplus@outlook.com

Why do you use soft plastic furniture protectors on bottom of coasters instead of cork?

Plasctic protector feet are waterproof and easy to clean.Cork absorbs moisture so for that reason I avoid using. If there is a spill and the wet cork is on your furniture it could cause water damage. Plastic protectors raise the coasters off the surface to help prevent furniture damage.

Do you teach art classes?

Yes. I am teaching in my licensed and permit holding home studio in Airdre. Class sizes are 2-10 people approximately I do offer private one on one lessons as well. Private group workshops are available upon request.

What is your jewelry made of?

Most of my jewelry is comprised of Artresin with embellishments. Some jewelry has genuine gems or minerals such as amethyst and quartz.

Do you offer Resin Jewelry Workshops

Resin Jewelry workshops will be available again soon. Please check our events page regularly for updates.

Do you teach private classes


Are your Charcuterie Boards Food Safe?

Yes. All of our Charcuterie Boards are food safe. The only Epoxy Resin we use is Artresin brand which is FDA Approved. All the decorations on the boards are covered in at least one layer of resin.