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Silver Invasion set of 4 coasters. 

Really what's going on with these coasters the colours and shapes are incredible.

Silver cells cover an abstract variety of beautiful greens with a hint of blue and yellow.

Cells are surrounded by and enveloped by colours previously mentioned. Each coaster is an individual work of art all on it's own.

These can be used as table coasters or display as you desire on wall, small easel or on a shelf .

These coasters are safe for both hot and cold beverages

Hand made on primed, hand painted tiles that are finished with  thick hand poured coat of epoxy resin. 

This is the only, one of a kind set 

Each coaster is 3.75 x3.75 inch tile depth .25 inch heigth with installed furniture protectors 3/8"

All our Resin Products are created using Artresin brand 2 part epoxy resin. This product is durable, hot and cold resistant, shines like glass, UV protected, certified non-toxic and Food-safe


Silver Invasion Coasters Set

SKU: 2079
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