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Ruby Red Pendant collection.
Hearts - 3.5cm length, 2.75 cm width bezel pendant.

Circle - 3.5cm length, 2.75cm width.

Tear Drop - 4cm length, 2.25 width.

Constructed  using Artresin epoxy resin - Professional resin designed for artists. 
UV protected, non-yellowing, food safe, shines like glass, non-toxic. 
To create the beautiful pendant, resin dye was added to resin along withextra fine red glitter and manipulated to acheive the desired results

Ruby Red Pendants Collection

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  • Easy Care: Simply wipe with a clean, soft, damp micro fiber cloth.

    Buff to original shine with clean, soft, dry micro fiber cloth

Image Paintings Plus 2016  |  Airdrie  |  Canada