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Serving Tray resin geode style. 15 x  23 inch wooden sided tray., Created using mirrored crushed glass in assorted colours . Artresin 2 part epoxy resin, glitter (fine and extra fine) , crushed clear glass, adhesive, 2 layers of resin. crushed mirror. 2 layers of Resin were applied by hand to achieve added depth. The epoxy resin used in this piece is Artresin Brand which is UV protected, non-toxic, food safe and shines like glass. This product was created especially for artists and is used in our studio for all our retail resin-art items.

*Note: Although 2 layers of resin have been poured on to a depth of 1/4” total, there are a few of the larger embellishments slightly protruding. This adds to the 3D effect. An additional layer can be added upon purchase at an extra charge if you prefer a completely flat surface.

Serving Tray resin geode style

SKU: 7001
  • Please see Shipping and returns Page

  • To Clean simply wipe with soft damp micro fiber cloth and dry with dry micro fiber cloth. (not dishwasher safe)

    Safe for hot and cold beverages

    No not place hot pots on surface.


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