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Resin Geode Style -Serving Tray 15"x 23"x1.5" wooden sided tray., Created using mirrored crushed glass in assorted colours . Artresin 2 part epoxy resin, glitter (fine and extra fine) , crushed clear glass, adhesive, 2 layers of resin. crushed mirror. 2 layers of Resin were applied by hand to achieve added depth. The epoxy resin used in this piece is Artresin Brand which is UV protected, non-yellowing, non-toxic, food safe and shines like glass. This product was created especially for artists and is used in our studio for all our retail resin-art items.

*Note: Although 2 layers of resin have been poured on to a depth of 1/4” total, there are a few of the larger embellishments slightly protruding. This adds to the 3D effect. An additional layer can be added upon purchase at an extra charge if you prefer a completely flat surface.

Serving Tray resin geode style

SKU: 7001
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  • To Clean simply wipe with soft damp micro fiber cloth and dry with dry micro fiber cloth. (not dishwa