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Resin beach scene on glass.

Shadow box dimensions - 14.75  x 11.75  x 1.25 inches.

Highest point of artwork 1.75 inch. 

Weight 1.76kg/3.88lb.

This piece has been created on glass that has been adhered to inner area of wooden shadow box.

Real seashells, seashell chards, sea glass and half orbs. Entire inner area has been submerged and/or coated in thick layer of epoxy resin.

I have made a few of these and they look best on windowsill or against a white background. Absolutely gorgeous when the sunlight shines through.

The photos do not do this piece justice. Difficult to photograph due to the high shine.

The epoxy resin I use is Professional artist quality, UV protected, food face crystal clear and shines like glass.

(Please note* I have attached a sawtooth hanger to the back of this piece, but it is quite heavy and would be better suited to self or windowsill. I do not guarantee the strength of the sawtooth in its ability to hold the weight of this piece.)

I did not want to take away from the beauty of this piece buy attaching wire to back. (the wire and hardware would show through.)

Resin Beach Scene on Glass

SKU: 0187
  • Please see shipping and returns page for full details

  • Easy Care: Simply wipe with a clean, soft, damp micro fiber cloth.

    Buff to original shine with clean, soft, dry micro fiber cloth

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