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Red and Gold coaster.  Set with gold gilding border. Set of 4. 
Premium acrylic primer is applied to 3.5 inch tiles and allowed to dry for at least 24 hours. 
Premium professional quality resin, resin tint and gold mica powder  are mix and poured onto tiles and dried for at least 72 hours.  
 Borders are carefully taped off and 2 layers of gold gilding are added to top boarder and all sides.

 Backs are painted with 2 thick coats of metallic acrylic paint.

Soft plastic furniture protectors are installed using industrial strength adhesive.


All my coasters are made on quality ceramic tile that is primed and sealed prior to applying resin to ensure a quality end product.

After priming only high quality eppoxy resin, tints and mediums are used.

We use only the  highest quality epoxy resin that is uv protected, non yellowing, heat resistant, hard as glass, food safe and shines like glass.

The backs of all coasters are painted and signed.


This process takes approximately 7 days to complete to ensure proper curing times between layers.



Red and Gold coasters

SKU: 2082
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