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Manifestation #1, #2, #3 and #4. Now sold as a set of 4. Were $279.00 each.

Now Get the entire set. 

16x12x1.5". Acrylic Pours on heavy duty top level stretched canvas.
These Acrylic Pour paintings are created using  top quality acrylics, stretched canvas and varnish/binder. No short cuts where taken in the manufacturing of these one of a kind original. pieces. The colors are all hand mixed to give the desired effect I was looking for in these creations. The use of pure silicone oil and mediums and a lot of time and patience enabled me to transform an empty canvas into a beautiful work of art. The use of only archival/gallery quality materials assures buyers confidence that this painting will last for generations. This is truly a one of a kind piece of art anyone would be proud to display and  will receive a lot of attention.
-heavy duty cotton duck stretched canvas 16"x12"x1.5" 
-gesso - 3 coats - helps paint adhere to canvas and prevent cracking and peeling 
-acrylic paint-professional artist quality 
-silicone - pure oil 
-medium - non toxic - increases fluidity  
-distilled water - adds to longevity-prevents cracking-prevents mineral marks 
-gloss varnish/binder- 5 coats- seals the painting-protects-adds longevity- pulls out colors-adds shine

-archival, acid free mat backing installed.

-wall protestors installed.

-hanging hardware and wires installed.

Manifestation Paintings Collection

SKU: 0211
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