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Long Ocean Waves Charcuterie Board. 19.75 x 5.75 .6 inch Acacia wood and resin. 

Sealed and under painted using deep blue, sky blue and white. 

Top coat Food Safe epoxy resin (Artresin Brand), tints and mica powder. 

The wood grain of the solid Acacia wood is so rich with brown, black, yellow, grey/blue hues that you just won't find in other woods.  Sustainable non forest wood. Known since ancient times as a solid, durable wood.

Great for both serving and cutting. 

Perfect for home entertaining and gifting. Serve your guests in style with this unique, one of a kind Charcuterie board. 

Painted Resin area Shines like glass.  Design continues over the sides. 

Board is fine sanded (front, back and sides) prior to start of creation process for a nice smooth surface. 

Board area were embellished, is sealed and allowed to dry for 24 hours prior to applying paint and tinted resin to ensure proper adhesion of paint and resin. 

The entire back is taped off for nice clean edges. 

Materials used are professional quality, food safe epoxy resin, non toxic acrylic paint (under resin), food safe epoxy resin, mica and resin tints. 

The only epoxy resin we use on all our products is Artresin Brand.  

Artresin is certified food safe, UV protected, easy to clean, strong and shines like glass. 

Resin is applied and allowed to dry for 72 hours to fully cure. 

After fully dry the exposed Acacia areas are treated with food safe wood oil and allowed to dry for 2-3 hours. 

After 2-3 hours, natural, food safe wax is applied and allowed to dry, then hand rubbed to seal in the oil and add to the longevity of this product. 

Long Ocean Waves Charcuterie Board

SKU: 8065
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