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Ice and Snow, Bamboo Charcuterie Board with carved inlay filled with 2 separate coats of tinted and clear food safe epoxy resin.  Beautifully designed and hand crafted design on 18.75” x 6.25” x .6” bamboo cutting board.  Board front and back is fine sanded and has had food safe mineral oil soaked and rubbed in thoroughly then bamboo wax is applied for added protection. Back of board and lower top area were taped off for a nice clean finish to end product. Area under resin was sealed and furred prior to resin application to ensure.

We use only Food safe Artresin Brands epoxy resin. Shines like glass, uv protected, durable.

Ice and snow charcuterie

SKU: 7038
  • Please see Shipping and Returns Page for Full Details.

    Please note* no returns on used charcuterie boards or sale items

  • Care Instructions


    Resin and embellished area.... 

    Simply wipe with a clean, soft, damp micro fiber cloth.

    Buff to original shine with clean, soft, dry micro fiber cloth


    Exposed bamboo areas (front and back)....

    Apply coat of food safe oil, I recommend oil designed for bamboo cutting boards. Food safe (white label) mineral oil can also be used.

    Sealing oil in with food safe bamboo cutting board wax will help your board last much longer and keep it looking great.


    NOT dishwasher safe. Do not submerge.

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