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Evergree Tree in Snow is a beautiful 12" x 12" x 1" original acrylic painting on stretched canvas.
Double gessoed, duck cotton stretched canvas.
Hand painted with high quality artist grade acrylic paints.
Hand crushed Quartz Druzy has also been applied throughout this painting. The Duzy adds sparkle and simmer and more dimension to the overall look. Gives the look and feel of real snow and ice crystals in the air, snow and tree. Druzy size varies throughout this piece from dust size to .5cm pieces. 
The entire piece has been finished with several coats of gloss acrylic varnish. This brings out the brilliance of the colours and adds protection from dirt, dust, yellowing and UV rays. 
Back is matted with archival mat board to add even more protection and longevity to this creation.
Signed, wired and ready to hang in its new forever home.

Evergreen Tree in Snow painting

SKU: 0163
  • Due to the delicate nature of this piece I recommend in person pick up and purchase. Although every attempt will be made prior to shipping to wrap to avoid damage during shipping, it is a very delicate piece. Please see shipping and returns page for full details.

  • Quartz Drusy (or druzy) is a geological term applied to quartz that forms a layer of closely spaced, small crystals that line a surface or cavity of another kind of rock. Drusy quartz, silicon dioxide, is most commonly clear or whitish, and can resemble glittering sugar or snow crystals. It occurs within geodes and lines the walls of cavities called vugs that occur within hollows and veins of rocks. Formation Geodes, commonly called thundereggs, are hollow, spherical rocks. They are formed by an original sedimentary concretion that was gradually replaced by redeposited hard rock, with a dense form of quartz called chalcedony forming the exterior rind. The drusy quartz forms when water containing silicon dioxide seeps through cracks and fissures in the rind, redepositing crystalline quartz in the hollow interior. Druses in vugs are usually found in mines constructed for harvesting other types of minerals or gems. They are sometimes combined with other minerals, such as yellow barite found in the Rock Candy Mountain Mine in British Columbia.z Druzy is featured throughout this artwork


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