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Deep Red acacia wood charcuterie board gift set with gilding and glass. 

Golden gilding, glitter and mirrored glass pieces.

20 x 6 x .5 inches.

Includes cheese spreader and cheese cutter.


*Note: Due to the glare from the resin finish not all red in photos is true to colour.

For reference, some of the photos are markered true to colour.


Materials used are professional quality, certified food safe epoxy resin, non toxic deep red acrylic paint (under resin), mirrored glass pieces, glitter and gold gilding flakes.

The only epoxy resin we use on all our products is Artresin Brand. Artresin is certified food safe, UV protected, easy to clean, strong and shines like glass.

Resin and embellishments are added and allowed to dry for 72 hours to fully cure.

After fully dry the exposed bamboo areas are treated with food safe, Premium bamboo oil and allowed to dry.

After 2 hours food safe bamboo wax is applied and allowed to dry, then board is hand rubbed to seal in the oil and add to the longevity of this product.

This Board is premium quality inside and out. We take the extra steps needed to make sure your Charcuterie board lasts for years to come.

Note* Proper, ongoing maintenance is required by user to ensure longevity and to maintain the beautiful appearance of this item.

Deep Red Charcuterie Board Gift Set with Gilding and Glass

SKU: 8056
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