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Deco Style original hand painted pattern with 2 coats Resin finish on Organic, Sustainable, Bamboo Charcuterie board.

19"L x 6.25"W x .6"D.

Original hand drawn design and painting, golden mica detail and certified food safe resin.

This creation gives you both an original work of art and a serving board in one.

Created on Eco friendly, Paddle Board style, Bamboo cutting board.

Board is fine sanded prior to start of creation process for a nice smooth surface.

Board area where painted, is sealed and allowed to dry for 24 hours prior to applying paint and resin,  to ensure proper adhesion.

The entire back is taped off for nice clean edges.

Materials used are professional artist quality, two coats of certified food safe epoxy resin, non toxic acrylic paint (under resin). 

The only epoxy resin we use on all our products is Artresin Brand. Artresin is food safe, UV protected, easy to clean, strong and shines like glass. Resin is added and allowed to dry for 72 hours to fully cure.

After fully dry the exposed bamboo areas are treated with food safe bamboo oil and allowed to dry for 2-3 hours. After 2-3 hours, natural, food safe bamboo wax is applied and allowed to dry, then hand rubbed to seal in the oil and add to the longevity of this product.  Shipping and safe curbside pick up options at checkout.

Deco Charcuterie Board

SKU: 8029
  • *Note : We use only Artresin Brand epoxy resin. ArtResin has been evaluated by a certified toxicologist at the American Society for Testing and Materials as being non-toxic when used as directed (conforms to ASTM D4236). It is formulated using the highest quality materials and therefore produces no VOCs or fumes. It is a clean system, meaning there are no solvents or non-reactive diluents—everything in it reacts so nothing is free to become airborne and cause health issues. UV protected, certified food safe.

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