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Thors Universe are the official colors of Ragnarock and The Dark World.I am so excited to offer this 2 piece set for sale. These are the original, physical, one of a kind paintings on canvas. Canvasses ar 11x14 inch each. Both of these Acrylic Painting are what I call a Complex Acrylic Pour which is simply the manipulation of paint using different tools to get the desired end result. The representation is meant to convey Thors presence and importance the intermingling  and attachment of the marvel universes. Both canvasses where painted on canvas panels and then the canvasses where carefully removed to enable them to be mounted and framed as shown above.It was important to frame and mat these two canvasses in a way that didnt take away from the brilliant colors and formations the paintings are meant to portray.Creations were designed to be hung side by side as a set.Both frames are 18x22 inches, double matted and covered with a glass panel to protect from the dust and dirt in the surrounding air.Both are wired and ready to hang in there new home.Materials:-Cotton Canvas-Double Gesso-Premium Artist Acrylics-Flow Medium-Distilled Water-Varnish/Binder that is uv protected, adds vibrancy, protects and adds longevity to the creations.-Quality Frames-Double Matting-Glass-Heavy Duty coated wire

Thors Universe - matted and framed

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