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Winter Cabin is a small rustic cabin set in against a small mountain lake. Before I painted Winter Cabin I first Imaged a quiet winter retreat away from the city and away from phones and electronics. The path from lake to cabin to woods seems inviting. To me the basics of nature help to relax and rejuvenate.
24 x 30 x 1 inches. 
Triple gessoed. 
Professional acrylic paints. 
Finished with high quality flat varnish/binder to protect and add to the longevity of this painting.
Signed certificate of authenticity, with purchase date and purchasers name. 
Painting continues to and covers all 4 sides. 
*Note: I only ship paintings on the stretched canvas they are originally painted on. (My reasoning is: by the time you pay to get the painting stretched and remounted it ends up costing the buyer more than shipping, increased chance of painting damage and the painting never looks the same after remounting.

Winter Cabin Acrylic Painting

SKU: 0018
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