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Round Lazy Susan 15.7 inches round. 

Created on Premium Bamboo Lazy Susan with raised sides.

Wood is sanded, sealed and background is hand painted.

Food safe black tinted resin is poured on top and leveled. 

 Various mica powders , gilding flakes and genuine Aventurine gemstones are added. 

After curing for 24 hours a thick layer of clear resin is added a s a top coat. 

This creation has depth, shine, gorgeous colors throughout, shines like glass and is very durable. 

Some of the gemstones protrude slightly through resin which adds even more interest to this design. 

Once Resin has cured. Natural Bamboo oil was generously applied and allowed to soak in for at least 2 hours.  Natural Bamboo wax was then applied and allowed to sit for another 2 hours.

Hand rubbed to a silky finish. 

So gorgeous you'll have to see it in person , the photos don't do this piece justice.

The brilliant shine that is emitted from this item makes it difficult to take photos.

The entire piece is food safe, uv protected, non-toxic, no VOCs.

We use only Artresin brand epoxy resin. (please read additional info for more details on our resin).

Luxury Lazy Susan

SKU: 8003
  • Durable and stong 100% BamboBamboo is the choice of many, it is sustainable, renewable and needs no chemicals to grow or be harvested, absorbs less liquid, all-natural antibacterial, antimicrobial properties.o Lazy Susan. Food Safe, 360 degree rotation. Sustainable product. 

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