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This is such a gorgeous piece which is tough to grasp looking at the photos alone.

Created on 14"x11"x2" primium stretched canvas.

Canvas was primed with professional artist gesso and let to dry over night. Gesso adds longevity and protection to canvas.

Entire piece was handpainted over the coarse of several days.

The Cross itself was painted in layers using premium artist arcrylic paints.

Several layers of strontium aluminate powder mixed into painting medium were added. Strontium is a product we special order. It' glows brightly for 10-12 hours continually and recharges indefinetely. 

To the last later of the cross white translucent flakes were added

After piece was completely dry, 2 layers of gold gilding were drawn around the Cross to at a little contrast and added beauty.

2 layers of Artresin brand epoxy resin were hand applied using pouring method.

Into the light has a dust cover installed on the back.

Hanging hardware and wire are installed

This piece is ready to hang in it's new forever home.

Into the Light - Glow Art

SKU: 0173
  • Due to the delicate nature of thius piece there are no returns. You may book a private viewing to view/purchase this artwork.

Image Paintings Plus 2016  |  Airdrie  |  Canada