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Infinite Intensity-10x8 inch-acrylic pour-epoxy resin coated
Made with quality acrylic paints and finished with a thick coat of Epoxy Resin.
Smooth and shiny as polished glass.
Everytime you move and veiw from a different angle you see something new appear
Interesting cells, shapes and color formations throughout.
This paintings continues to and covers all for sides so looks fantastic no matter what angle you'e veiwing from.
Professionally backed and wired with only archival materials.
Ready to hang
Absolutely Gorgeous work of art
-10x8 inch stretched canvas
-2 coats of premium gesso
-quality acrylic paints
-premium pouring medium
-distilled water
-premium epoxy resin - UV protection, non yellowing, shiny, thick and hard

Infinite Intensity- Resin Art

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Image Paintings Plus 2016  |  Airdrie  |  Canada