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Created on primed and painted 11” x14” wooden cradle board. Tree is made of green hand dyed glass chips, necklace chain and embellishments. Tree is drawen out and embellishement are adhered. Embekllishments include crushed glass, mirrored glass pieces, jewerlers chain and half orb pearlized pieces.

Entire inner surface including tree is coated in a thick layer of Artresin (non-toxic, non-yellowing, UV protected and shines like glass.) Top Outer edge is embellished with snow glitter and coated with a layer of acrylic gloss varnish. Professionally designed and created by Airdrie Artist, Pamela Jonson in studio. 

Glass Christmas Tree in Resin

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  • Resin surface is safe to wipe with clean microfiber cloth and water

Image Paintings Plus 2016  |  Airdrie  |  Canada