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Embellished Teal Coasters - Set of4Molded Resin

Large Round Epoxy Resin Coasters. Handmade using only Premium artist materials

These really gorgeous and much more beautiful up close.

Each coaster is individual in its appearance.

The effect  is attained with the combination of alchohol inks and sinker which are manufactured especially for this brand of resin.

Also added during the creation process are resin dye, mirrored glass chards and extra fine metallic glitter.

3.35 onches across

12.3 inches around

.5 inches deep

3 ounces of premium 2 part epoxy resin went into the creation of each coaster

*Please note -  I have chosen not to apply felt or plastic protectors on base of these coasters. I feel it would take away from the transparancy of the items and the overall look.

Embellished Teal Coasters - Set of4

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Image Paintings Plus 2016  |  Airdrie  |  Canada