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Elysian Inks - Ceramic Coasters - set of 6 - Acrylic Inks- Epoxy resin finish
Elysian by definition means, divine, inspired and glorious and is truly a fitting name for these beautiful coasters.
To create these coasters I first used the best primer available to coat high quality ceramic tiles. 
Then a mixture of several brights colors of acrylic inks and a high quality medium where individually combined and applied to the tiles to creat the resulting designs.
After a drying time of several days, a thick coat of premium epoxy resin was appl;ied to the top and sides of each coaster.
The epoxy resin used is, non toxic, non yellowing, uv protected and as hard and shiny as glass.
After a week of curing time the backs were painted and signed and placstic furniture protectors were applied to all 4 coarners of all the coasters.
*Plastic protectors are used instead of cork to protect your furniture incase of a spill. Cork will retain moisture, that could damage furniture, where as our coasters simply and easily wipe off.

Elysian Inks - Ceramic Coasters - set of 6 - epoxy resin finish

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