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New Blue Crackle Quartz Earrings.Real Blue Crackle Quartz Stones embedded by hand in premium (Artresin) epoxy resin.(Blue quartz contains inclusions of fibrous magnesio-riebeckite or crocidolite)Original design in hexagon spike shape.Spike length 4.5cmSpike width 1cmDrop length 7cmSilver colour screw pin securely embedded into earring during creation.Hypoallergenic matching shepherd hooks.These are a beatiful set of handcrafted earrings that you won't find anywhere else.The blue quartz stones in this set are all unique due to their natural formations in nature.Suitable for bot casual and formal were. *note : We use only Artresin Brand epoxy resin. ArtResin has been evaluated by a certified toxicologist at the American Society for Testing and Materials as being non-toxic when used as directed (conforms to ASTM D4236). It is formulated using the highest quality materials and therefore produces no VOCs or fumes. It is a clean system, meaning there are no solvents or non-reactive diluents—everything in it reacts so nothing is free to become airborne and cause health issues. UV protected, foodsafe, non-yellowing.*note : Naturally occurring micro bubbles occur during creating process

Blue Crackle Quartz Earrings

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