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Deer Ceramic Coasters - White on Black - Set of Four - 4x4 inches. All my coasters are made on quality ceramic tile that is primed and sealed prior to painting to ensure a quality end product.After priming only high quality acrylic paints and mediums are used.All coasters are finished with a thick coat of high quality expoxy resin that is uv protected, non yellowing, heat resistant, hard as glass and shines like glass.The backs of all coastes are painted and signed.Furniture protecting feet are applied with industrial strengh adhesive to each coaster.This process takes approvimately 1 week to complete to ensure proper curing times between layers.



-ceramic tiles 4x4 inches square


-acrylic paint artist quality

-flow medium

-epoxy resin

-furniture protectors

-industial adhesive

Resin Coasters-Deer-White on Black - Set of Four - 4x4

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